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A Resource for StMU Campus-Based Students Shifting to Online Courses

This site has been created for StMU students for situations where we need to temporarily take courses online with minimal impact during sudden and prolonged campus or building closures caused by incidents such as a viral or infectious disease outbreak, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, or a natural disaster.

Shifting From Classroom Learning to Online Learning Anywhere

Your course(s) will be housed online via the Canvas Learning Management System at: canvas.stmarytx.edu. The information below will provide you with helpful information to make the shift from taking a course in a classroom to taking a course online from anywhere or simply ensuring that you are able to continue learning online with the foundational resources you need. Communicating live with your instructor and classmates (such as office hours, lecture, group chats) will occur via Zoom. Additionally,  you may be required to utilize LockDown Browser & Monitor to complete your exams. Please ask your instructor whether or not you need to download the software, which you can do here. 

Emergency Updates

Need help?

STUDENT Technical Support

At anytime, contact the TSC for assistance at https://tsc.stmarytx.edu.

For help using Zoom in a classroom or at home, contact TSC : (210) 431-HELP; tsc@stmarytx.edu; or ats@stmarytx.edu.

Zoom 24/7 Support: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362003


St. Mary’s University ensures access to its programs, services and activities for all qualified individuals with documented disabilities. This is accomplished through a variety of accommodations and services tailored to meet each individual student’s strengths and unique needs. The Student Accessibility Services office at St. Mary’s offers a variety of services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing course content, you should contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at accessibility@stmarytx.edu  or visit https://www.stmarytx.edu/campuslife/student-services/accessibility/ for more information about requesting accommodations. 


Academic Technology Services

Please contact  jschomburg@stmarytx.edu or 210-431-5073  if you have any questions or concerns about St. Mary’s Online Readiness Program initiative. We encourage you to visit our our ATS staff in the Learning Commons room 124 to let us know your needs and how we can support you.

Jeff Schomburg

Executive Director
Academic Technology Services
Learning Commons, Room 124 jschomburg@stmarytx.edu
210-431-5073 / 210-825-3636


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Angel Tazzer, Ph.D.

Director, Instructional Technology and Training
Academic Technology Services
Learning Commons, Room 129


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Felicia Cruz, Ph.D.

Director, Online Learning & Curriculum Innovation
Academic Technology Services
Learning Commons, Room 128


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Note: Some of these materials are derivatives from the University of North Texas’ Learn Anywhere initiative, all used with permission.  We deeply thank everyone for their contribution. Use and reuse of content are under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.