Captioning In Kaltura

It is important that all videos utilized within the academic setting include closed captioning. St. Mary’s University utilizes the video hosting platform Kaltura Mediaspace and closed captioning for your video can be ordered within the platform as well. The video includes instructions on how to access Kaltura Mediaspace, record with the webcam, and order caption within the StMU system. 

Steps to order captions

1. Access the video you want to order captions for and click the Actions button.

Actions button





2. Click Order Captions

order captions

3. Under Fidelity, select Mechanical (70 to 80% accuracy) and click Order Captions







4. A success message will display, click Okay






5. You will now see a caption request and the status will show in process

in process




6. When the caption request is complete, return to this area to edit the captions.