Profile of Elaine

I’m a web developer for St. Mary’s University who loves to look at the whole picture. I specialize in designing and building solutions that work well for both end users and the people who maintain the web.

I’ve been building websites since the days of dial-up in the 1990s. I first came across WordPress when my SEO teacher mentioned it in 2007. As soon as I tried using it, I was hooked. Since then I’ve built a number of themes and plugins, and most recently I’ve been teaching myself how to build blocks for the Block Editor. I’m definitely biased toward functional PHP; modern JavaScript has presented a very steep learning curve. But I’m nothing if not patient and determined.

I’m an active member of the WPCampus community – most days you can find me lurking on Slack, and most years you can find me at the in-person conference. I’ve spoken a few times, although I prefer to remain like the Wizard of Oz – behind the curtain, quietly doing all the cool stuff. I’m also fairly active on WP Stack Exchange. I feel much more articulate when I write (or type) than when I speak, so if you really want to engage me in a good conversation, reach out to me online and we’ll have a good chat. 🙂

Outside of work, I have two beautiful children and a pretty amazing husband who keep me pretty busy. I love to crochet, paint in acrylics, draw, and read.